Bedroom items

Wide variety of sheets, duvet covers, bedspreads, quilts, blankets, and duvets for single, queen-size and double beds, with a wide choice of textiles from percale cotton, satin to silk.

We are official Daunenstep resellers, a centenarian brand from Alto Adige with high quality standards. Respectful of nature and aimed at giving quality and well-being, Daunenstep offers different collections of duvets, of geese and synthetic, produced by artisans with five different point of warmth. It also produces different types of duvets and pillows and items for single, queen-size and double beds.

Daunenstep, Dea, Bianca, Tweed Mill, Fazzini, Somma, Borbonese, Sud Etoffe, Vivaraise, Winkler, Bellora.